Computer 101

I’ve noticed that when I walk into a Bestbuy or a Fry’s electronics that many people don’t understand what all the specifications on the computer tag means. For instance, many think that the CPU is the computer itself which it is not. The CPU—Central Processing Unit—also known as a “Processor” is the brains of the computer not the whole computer itself. Also for other stuff like memory, hard drive, graphics, etc. Most but many people don’t know what they mean or do. Here I will explain to you what those specifications on the tag means and do. Continue reading


Protect Your Computer for Free

In today’s world and economy, two things are certain. One, your computer will be infected with some kind of virus and/or spyware. And Two, everyone is looking to spend the least amount of money as possible. Luckily for those who would like to protect their computer from harm without having to shell out money to buy a program with annual fees, can now rest at ease. With the combination of Microsoft Security Essentials, Super Anti-spyware free edition, and Malwarebytes Anti-malware. Your computer will be well protected without a penny being spent. Continue reading