Android + MicroSD and You

Congratulations, you now have yourself a brand new android device and you already filled it up to capacity with apps and downloaded files. Now your looking to buy a MicroSD card to increase your storage space but you don’t know what your looking for…

To start off you need to read the documentation that came with your device or look online on the manufacturers website, to know whats the largest card you can use and card compatibility. For instance, The Asus Transformer can support MicroSD and MicroSDHD up to 32gb (Gigabytes) that is a Class 10. The Class type refers to the data read and write speeds the card is capable of. So a Class 10 as of right now has the highest speeds. But you got to make sure whats the highest and slowest card speeds your Android device is able to handle.

When buying a MicroSD card for your Android device, you want to buy from a reputable manufacturer like Kingston, Crucial or anyone that has experience with memory chip manufacturing and production. Keep in mind when buying, you get what you payed for. Just because you got a good deal on a 32gb memory card for say $10, doesn’t mean it will work as well as a pricier one. Same goes for expensive cards as well. What you need to do is use your best judgement and pick the one with the best price to capacity ratio.

After you have acquired your memory card and have inserted it into your Adroid device. LEAVE IT ALONE! Don’t try to remove it to pull files or anything. You will ruin the memory card and hinder its performance and usage. MicroSD cards can only be removed and inserted a limited number of times before breakage. Not to mention you risk damaging your Android device, because when inserted, the Android OS allocates the memory card into the system. Using the memory card to boost performance along with increasing storage space. So constant removal will cause data corruption and card failure. If you want to move files off the card to your computer, all you have to do is connect your Android device to your computer and use the supplied software or transfer files via the cloud such as dropbox.

Other than that, once it’s in, it’s in. You should only removed the MicroSD card when you are upgrading to a larger capacity or acquired a new Android device to replace your old one.


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