Which Video Card to Buy?


Today I was doing my daily tech news read on MaximumPC and came across an article about video cards. Much like their article on memory that I posted not to long ago, they have once again answered the question, “What video card should I buy?” They cover the different type of computer uses and what video card is best suited for that use. Though the article is not as detailed as their memory one, but is just as informative in leading you in the right direction. For a balanced user who use their computer to do a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with an AMD HD 6850. I know there might be some people out there who would say NVIDIA is better, but they tend to consume more power and also NVIDIA has mentioned its leave from the pc market. So support for its preexisting cards may or may not be there. Check out the article over at MaximumPC.


The Memory Buyers Guide


Today I started to write an article on computer memory. Explaining how much memory you need to do certain things, the types of memory there are (DDR2, DDR3, etc.), and which companies makes the best memory modules. Before I could finish the first paragraph, I was side track by my RSS news feed. Which coincidentally I see an article about the exact same topic I started to write for “Did You Plug It In!?”. I do have to admit the article I read explaining memory modules and so forth is a bit better than what I had planned to write. So instead of me writing about something that someone else had already written, I will instead provide a link directing you to the article about memory modules. It’s a good article and very informative for anyone looking to know more about memory modules. You can read the article on the MaximumPC website.