AMD vs Intel

Many of you who may not know, there has been a long battle between the two top CPU makers of the world. Intel and AMD. Since computer enthusiast were given the ability to build their own computers at home, the big question has been. What processor should I run my rig with? While both companies are equally great. Running in a race neck to neck were one will conquer the other for a short period of time. Both also have their drawbacks.

 Intel was the first chip maker out on the scene supplying computer companies and home builders for years before AMD came into town. Their processors were well known for delivering great performance at high clock speeds. Intel has always been on the ball releasing newer and faster CPU’s as fast as they can dream them up. In today’s world, intel’s flagship is their second generation i7 and i5 processors. But not is all candy and nuts with intel as they have a few drawbacks. First to be mentioned is that they release new CPU’s very quickly and faze out their legacy CPU’s just as fast. So don’t expect to replace or upgrade your intel chip if it happens to burn out, or you have the cash to upgrade to a better processor. Because chances are that the intel chip you currently have has been fazed out. This leads to intel’s consideration for their customers. Since they release new CPU’s fast, they never seem to use the same socket size, making it difficult and expensive for their customers to upgrade. Unlike AMD, who make CPU’s for their preexisting sockets until they are forced by technology standards to upgrade to a new socket size. The last down side to intel is their prices! Though they have made attempts to lower their CPU prices, they have been very resilient to do so. So if you are looking into buying a good quality chip from intel, be willing to spend no less than $200.

AMD, the second bad boy on the block has always put up a good fight against intel’s stonghold. AMD was the first to release a CPU hitting the gigahertz speed and were the first to release a 64 bit CPU. Their processors are well known to stand the test of time and to handle anything you can throw at it. Not to mention that if AMD came out with a new CPU, you would be glad to know that it’ll most likely be supported in your current system. AMD’s current flagship is their Phenom II series processors. But AMD is not without their own faults as well. Though a good company, AMD seems to lack in releasing new CPU’s in a timely matter and not even on time to point out. AMD also have yet to release a processor that can compete with an intel counterpart. For reasons why? I am not to sure of for myself.


So it all boils down to you, do you go for the Blue monster—intel—or the jolly green giant—AMD. For me I look for the best bang for my buck and reliability, and so far AMD has my heart and mind. Even for most people AMD is the right choice because of their reasonable prices compared to intel. Let alone upgrading your current AMD rig to a new and faster AMD CPU would be easy and cheap. Meaning you can spend more money on buying a better graphics card and larger capacity memory kits. But AMD is a good choice for now until they release their new FX CPU which could cost as much as an intel CPU. Other than that, if you have the cash and/or a big intel supporter then intel is your weapon of choice.


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