Using Microsoft Security Essentials, Super Anti-Spyware, and Malwarebytes together

Now that you have all three programs installed, you are ready to start using them in the fight against infection. The way I like to start off with the scanning of my computer is to use Microsoft Security Essentials first, Super Anti-Spyware second, and then finish the whole process off with Malwarebytes. Keep in mind that the process of scanning your computer takes time and system resources. Depending on the speed of your computer, the size of your hard drive, and how many files that are on your drive, the scan could take an hour or maybe two or more hours. While you are still able to surf the net or work in other programs while the scanning is in progress, you will be sharing system resources with the scanner causing the scan process to take longer. So I suggest that you run the scans and have a smoke or cup of coffee till the scanning is done. But be sure to check up on the scanning process every now and then to make sure everything is okay. Lets start.

First: Microsoft Security Essentials

1. Open up Security Essentials by going to your task bar in the bottom right corner and right clicking on the green house icon. If the little house isn’t green and is red, that means you need to update the programs database. To do that is to click on the update tab then the update button.

2. The program should open up with the home tab selected. If not, click on the home tab. On the right hand side you want to select the scan option to full. Then click the “scan” button to begin scanning your computer.

3. The scan will now start to search your computer for any infections. Showing you information on the scanning process and a progress bar to show you how far along the scanning is. So now is a good time to have some lunch

Ok, so it took Microsoft Security Essentials a little over 2 hours to scan my computer. So I was able to knock out a movie and shower. It seems like I had caught a Trojan called comisproc….

4a. If you caught something like I did, you will be shown a window notifying that your computer is infected. What you want to do is click the “clean computer” button. Once you have done that it will take a few seconds or minute for the program to fix or quarantine the problem.

4b. If you didn’t have any problems found, then you will be back to the original home tab in Microsoft Security Essentials. In this case, you can exit out the window.

Second: Super Anti-Spyware free edition

1. Just like we did before, you can open up Super Anti-Spyware from the task menu at the bottom by double clicking the little bug icon.

2. Once opened, you should see a window open up looking like the image below. On the top you want to select the option for complete scan and then click the “scan your computer” option.

3. In the following window you will be asked to select the hard drives you want to be scanned. For now your main drive will be fine. It’ll be the one with a windows icon on it. The options on the left are fine at their defaults, no need to touch those. After you have selected your main drive, click “start complete scan”.

Super Anti-Spyware is a relatively fast scanner and should take no more than an hour and no less than 30 minutes. Again, if you have a big hard drive capacity with a lot of files on it, scanning will take longer. For the time being, take yourself a break and eat a snack.

4. After the scan has been completed, you will then be shown the threats detected on your computer. It is rare for your computer to have no spyware detected since even the simplest web surfing activities will still pick up some kind of threats. What you want to do now is click “continue” then “remove threats”. It will take seconds for the program to remove the threats.

5. After the threats have been removed, click “finish” and can now exit the program.

Third: Malwarebytes

1. start up Malwarebytes, if you opted out of the quick launch option in your task bar, you can find the programs icon on your desktop.

2. When Malwarebytes starts up, you want to select the “perform full scan” option then click the “scan” button.

3. You will then be asked to select the drive that you want to be scanned. Select the drive with the windows icon as that will be your main drive.

4. After the scan is done, a message will pop up saying if any malware has been found alone with another window displaying text. Chances are that none will have been found. Click “ok” and exit out the text window. After which you can now exit out of Malwarebytes.

Now you know how to use all three programs to scan and clean your computer. It’s a good thing to keep in mind to always keep the programs up to date by running update checks at least once a week or when ever you are prompted to update by the programs themselves. Also its a good practice to do full system scans once a week to keep your computer protected. I know its a bit of a hassle and time consuming, but it is necessary if you want to stay protected. Happy surfing 🙂


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